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The Temple: Ritual and Sacred Space

Sacred Spaces

Welcome to our Sacred Spaces

Our sense of what is sacred is centered around the meaning of the word as used by Dr. David Suzuki, when he speaks of "The Sacred Balance"; in other words, it embodies those things which are essential for existence, and to be given respect, and not lightly interfered with. Your understanding of "the sacred things in life" may be different from ours, and we respect that, and ask that you give us that same respect in return.

That said, our Sacred Spaces are dedicated to an awareness of that which we hold sacred, and its celebration, through reconnection, ritual, meditation, and ceremony; but these are things that we allow to arise naturally from that inner connection, rather than through following the dictates of an outer source.

In this section of the site, you'll find information about our sacred spaces, and our relationship with them, and the things which we hold sacred, as well as the methods of celebrating that relationship, through the means described above. For us, this includes things like building a stone circle, and other physical features to our personal environment that remind us to take the time to reconnect with what is important to us, as well as some description of the rites and rituals which we choose to use to celebrate everything from marriage, to the birth of a child, to the cycles of the agricultural year... ...even ways to mark the passing of a loved one. But these things are only the outward forms that have meaning for us; the most important element could best be described as "mindful living", and I hope that you will find some things here that remind you to practise that in your own life, and possibly some ideas of how to do so.

Even if your view of what is sacred differs markedly from ours, you may find some useful reading in this section, because the focus here is not on outward form, but on the importance of allowing that sense of the sacred to be an integral part of one's life, and of not just living by one's beliefs, but of living one's beliefs. I wish to re-emphasize that the means described here are those which work for us, no more, no less; but it is my hope that even those of you whose beliefs are vastly different from our own will benefit from the reminder to take time to reflect upon just what it is that you do believe, and make sure that it is manifesting in your daily life.

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