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The Music of Michelle Mays

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cover image - FireLeap - The Beltane Collection, by Michelle Mays

Fireleap ~

Fireleap - The Beltane Collection is the first in a series of CHANT CDs for The Wheel of the Year Collection, by Michelle Mays -- just the thing many readers of my website have been seeking and asking me for. :)

Fireleap highlights and focuses on the season of Beltane, the magic and fertility of the season. Some of the lyrics are Traditional (including two of my favourites, "Gently Johnny" and "Earth My Body"), and all of the songs have Michelle's unique style of composition and delivery. This CD features 9 songs; audio samples are available here.

cover image - The Golden Section, by Michelle Mays

The Golden Section ~

The songs on The Golden Section range in style and meaning. Everything is here. Michelle's unique style gives life to a 12th century lyric as well as to the Cherokee Indian people's Corn Goddess and Mother (see below for more information on this special song, released separately as a single, with more information for those who desire it). She spans the gamut with this CD which features 10 songs. To hear a sampling of the music, check out the commentary on the songs, or read the lyrics, please click here.

cover image - Selu, by Michelle Mays

Selu (single -- from the Golden Section album) ~

Michelle Mays second release, a single off of her later "Golden Section" album, Selu is a song-story retelling of a traditional Native American myth, and celebrates Michelle Mays' strong connection to her Cherokee heritage. I think that this heritage has been one of the things that drew me to her, even as I delighted in her vibrant celebration of living beliefs, without the false antiquity that so many seem to enforce upon their pagan traditions and practises.

You see, I grew up in the American West, amid the traditional imagery of many different cultures, and they speak to my heart still. This is one of the reasons why I do not like the falsified Native American imagery that seems to have pervaded the newage movement, losing its meaning as it was adopted by people to whom its symbolism has no relevance. To encounter someone to whom it is still meaningful and vibrant is a welcome change, and one more reason why I encourage people to explore what Michelle Mays has to offer. Not only does she have much to give us, but her path to finding what she has to give, has much to teach, in turn.

Selu speaks of the Cherokee Corn Mother Goddess, of the time before. This heart warming song story is accompanied by Tommy Wildcat, 2002 Native American Flutist. The single (available for US$10 from http://www.michellemays.com) also includes a four page CD booklet with an abbreviated version of the original story of Selu. To hear a sampling of the music, check out the commentary, or read the lyrics, please click here.

cover image - The Promise, by Michelle Mays

The Promise ~

The Promise was given as a gift to the Communities of the Earth. All profits from this CD are donated to various Charities and Community Programs around the Country. This CD features 9 songs.

This was the first introduction I had to the music of Michelle Mays; I found it online, in MP3 form, while surfing the web looking for pagan music. The music I found there delighted me so much that I still listen to it regularly today.

cover image - The Promise, by Michelle Mays

Not pseudo-archaic, this is the music of a living, breathing, modern neopaganism which acknowledges its deep traditional roots, while springing anew with each turning of the seasons and the wheel of the year. It speaks of love, of handfasting, of new birth, and the blessings we bring to welcome a new member of our community. There are other songs in this collection which are suitable for the opening and closing of ritual, while still others explore the philosophical aspects of life as a pagan upon a living earth, and the friendships that we form as we move through life. To check out the commentary on the songs, or read the lyrics, please click here.

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