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The Craft Room

The Craft Room

Welcome to our Craft Room!

We've always been a very hands-on sort of family, with a heavy interest in creative activities; this is the room where we keep our supplies for all types of indoor creative crafts. I'm not just talking about "arts and crafts", like you may have seen in school, but real crafts, things like pottery, basketry, and so on; in short, all the creative activities it takes to keep a household supplied with useful tools at home on the cheap, without having to depend on their petrochemical based replacements. These are the crafts that preceded the plastics age, and which will help us survive it.

In this section of the site, you'll find information about everything from craft projects for children, using natural or recycled materials, to how to make the basic tools of a plastic-free home, ways to ornament that home with the work of your hands, and of course sections on what materials to use, and where to obtain them.

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